March 12, 2004

my vagina is angry

i went to see the vagina monologues tonight. it got my feminine juices flowing. so what i have learned this evening is that my cooch is very suggestible. embrace your pussy!

today was finally the day of laundry. i bagged all my dirty clothes and sheets and shit and dragged it all down to the laundry room (2 people 1.5 trips). then i had to wait for machines to clear, took out the wet, soppy clothes and inserted my own digs. it was time to run to class but nothing was done washing, so i waited to throw everything into the dryer, all the while frantically calling people and begging their voicemails to call me back. eventually i found my neighbor and got her to agree to pick up my clothes after it dried. moved everything to the dryers and ran off to class. on that run, called mum and had a sweet, though rushed, little chat. thanked her for the cookies, i'm a good daughter, and hung up as i arrived, 15 minutes late for my discussion. did get my grade for that section, though. got an a. much pleased.

friends got drunk and high last night as i was in my room reading fight club. not sure if i feel left out or not. not too much, i guess. pity, i still wish kat had called, not that i would have smoked out at all, but i've been feeling like drinking for a while. jeff has gotten into drinking, which i suppose in some twisted way is a sign of growth. he's getting harder to read. regardless, mmm...rebellion yummy.

called mum up again on the way back from class, finished up our chat, and the phone was passed to dad who still does not want me out of the dorms next year. little does he know that my roommates and i are quite decided. told him so, but don't really have the balls to just say "i'm moving out." don't have the balls to move out, for that matter. i'm trying to justify it to him financially, as this is the only excuse that will fly with that man. hah, that will be sweet, i don't have the financial sense of a kumquat, i have no idea how much dorms cost this year, how shall i be able to justify something like this to reluctant parents? they're afraid of loosing me, want me to wait a year. what people keep asking me is why i want to move off next year. i have no idea. it's either a "bite the bullet" sort of thing or a "much to lazy to move all my shit back and forth next year" thing. either way, it's not terribly convincing. shit.

the weather is cooling, and finals are fast approaching. this does not bode well...


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