March 23, 2004

i may not be too smart...

conversation is the biggest relief! it's the middle of finals week and i had one yesterday and have 2 to go tomorrow. i spent much of today chatting online or playing zelda. oh, no, i'm not ballsey, i'm fucked. i took a quick break from cramming names and dates into my head for my history of science final 8 am tomorrow to go mail my credit card payment, when i ran into 3 other ex-homesteadites and stopped to chat. we stood around in the cold, conversing in the fast, snappy manner characteristic of the intellictualites at my high school and wb primetime teen dramas. god! it feelt so good that i think i'm ready for my test, my confidence has awoken. i think i'm going to bed now. screw studying for tonight, i need my sleep. i'll learn chem tomorrow. (after my history final and before my chem final. now that's ballsey.)


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