March 09, 2004

hot hot heat

we are currently experiencing some of that famous southern california weather i've been impatient for all year. basically, it's like those delicious summers back home, before it gets too, too hot. actually, some of my friends have been complaining of the heat already. i would be scandalized if i were not too busy blissing. this is the weather i was born for - i love it so! it has an odd effect on me, though. it seems to bring out all my animal instincts. i want to lay out in the sun and purr. i want to kiss someone on the neck. i want to crouch on one side of a door and spring when it's opened, knocking the person the the ground and close my teeth around his throat. the heat has made me more bold, too - i have been blatantly checking guys out all day. (kat - "and girls, too!" haha, kat.) this weather is perfect. i feel like slinking around like some animal. what would make this perfect is some cool chai and some pool. the world is joy!


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