March 29, 2004


home is a nice place. i've been replaying nostalgic joys of my youth in the form of disney's very own robin hood. watching it now, i think never have i been so sexually attracted to an animated fox (sooooo dreamy!). now, be jealous, be very jealous - i just got a sack of books for $4. and yes, they are good books, and yes, i got to pick them out myself - a pile of agatha christie, several old classics, and a good number of brainless fantasy and sci-fi. i also went to the library when i got back, so i'm swimming in literary heaven. beside getting second-hand books, i went to goodwill and got a pair of perfect-fitting gap jeans for $3. even when i was on the gap dole, they would have been $40 or something, hahaha! thrifting is great, yo, can't wait till the third when kat and i go to haight street and i splurge. i wish more people were home. it'd be more fun if that were the case, but it's not bad as it is.


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