March 03, 2004

*Group Hug*

i have some of the best friends ever. kat is always there with all the friendin' a girl could want, jeff is the sweetest and warmest human ever, and sadaf is just so lovely and generous. i would give a kidney to these people, unfortunately i have only 2 and would rather need 4 to go around. but still, the sentiment is there. maybe only one would need a kidney, that'd be okay. or maybe they'd need something else, like rides to the airport - i could give them those. or maybe bake them some cookies or something. I need to mention kim, too. she's this sweet, tragic figure who i love nonetheless, even though it hurts and there's nothing i can do to help her. without these people in my life it would be much more bleak (and in some cases less bleak) and certainly more lonely. thank you guys.


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