March 10, 2004

all i want is you

i reached behind my desk today to pick up a fallen box of cheez-its (nummy) and ended up lying cheek down on my laptop. i gave it an impulsive little kiss and nuzzle and retrieved my fallen snacks. it was warm and was humming faintly. mommy.

my mother spent $4 to send me a little cubic box of homemade cookies. oatmeal chocolate. i havn't yet decided if i want to share. i guess it depends on how much i like my visitors.

today has been lovely. sunny, warm. i skipped both my classes, woke up at noon. lunched on veggies and fruits. went to the lab, worked, etc. then i stopped in ackerman and piced up some books. i've had such a powerful jonesing to read lately. got: shakespearean play, great american novel, fantasy braincandy shit book, and a totally awsome pop culture pulp. i walked back in the warm dusk smiling and thinking up excueses to kiss someone. i can't wait to be back home with the 'loveds and play.


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