February 15, 2004

"What a Great Body!...I Mean, Beauty"

i'm watching a movie, something from the golden age of cinema, probably named something like the dancer and the princess . this just represents one of the several love themed movies that i've watched today. why, you ask? some sort of masochism? yes. sadly i am a hopeless romantic. poop. at the very least (god DAMN that girl's waist is tiny, and her midriff is exposed, meaning she's wearing no support garment, what could she possibly eat!?) sorry, i was a little distracted there, she really is scary thin. it's a silly movie supposedly taking place in egypt, while really all the actors are white. tan, but so obviously aryan. i love it, really. this is a movie whereby the princess is also a dancing wench, a revolutionist hero; an army can be conquered one man at a time in a single night; and common thieves use s.a.t. vocabulary. what a crazy, crazy world.

"how can such a lovely woman be so stubborn?"
"it is only a lovely woman who can afford to be so stubborn."
*exchange knowing smile*

i want me a man that wise! (goodness, they play the deity shuffle so many times it makes my head spin - are they muslim, pagans, what? they pray to allah AND isis, and the women 're much too sassy to be proper musilms).

*sigh* today was a valentines' day like every other (it even has a midget! a midget who kicks ass!) valentines' day. entirely unremarkable. it's a pity that a massacre had to be commemorated so commercially. bleeeh. oh, don't mind me, i'm just a bit... oh, how sad. an infomercial just came on and i thought, "oh, i've already seen this one." i spent most of today in my room mending my pants. really, that today's a holiday shouldn't get me down none, and really it doesn't as much as the fact that i'm doing nothing on my long weekend. oh well.


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