February 01, 2004

Schizophrenia and Stramenopila

i came across a picture of a Giardia today, a protist with several flagella, two nuclei, and no mitochondria (gasp!) and i thought "aw how cute." this is something that i find mildly disturbing. i always find it mildly disturbing whenever i become totally enamored with some silly little fact. you should have seen my glee when i first discovered the manner in which fly zygotes develop (lemme tell you, it's quite amazing). the only problem is that i am a bio major and i, of course, secretly live for this sort of crap. no really. the recipe for my scholastic happiness is to always be taking a life science class. it does absolutely no good, either, that my book is filled with silly little headings like "'Archaezoa': the little kingdom that was" and "Chlamydias are extremely small" that i find oh so amusing - it just adds to the sickness. it has been my own singular dream almost since eighth grade biology to keep a slime mold for a pet. it would be yellow and live in a pie tin or perhaps a wooden cart with wheels that i could roll behind me wherever i went. i would feed it fish food flakes and name it karl or kent. i have always wanted to see a slime mold in real life as i am immensely curious as to what one would feel like. i imagine it would be much like a sea cucumber...possibly stickier. so i've been sitting in my room studying for my LS midterm, reading about a hundred pages of dry bio text and i need a bit of a rest...


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