February 25, 2004

emo weather

it's raining in la and on south campus the worms are fleeing the cracks in the pavement. I woke up this morning very unsettled - it's my reoccurring dream theme. i suppose it's not as bad as my roommate who keeps dreaming that she can't wake up - she says she tries and it hurts and she can't wake up. i'm now afraid that one day she's going to murder me in my sleep. maybe as a sacrifice to the dark night gods that they may remove the enchantment from her head and give her good dreams, i dunno. the rain has pounding down for the past few hours. i walked back from the lab, pouting, hoping someone would make it all better. by the time i got back i was grumbling that my ass was wet and my thighs were wet and my shoulders were wet and even my toes were a bit damp. i've spent the rest of the evening in a deep malaise that only blankets and unproductivity have been able to mitigate. that and a good argument. i've discovered to my horror that my neighbor is a creationist. A CREATIONIST! in this day and age? i didn't think they even still existed! nonetheless, i have discovered to my horror that people still believe outmoded and unsupported tomfoolery. yes! i said it, tomfoolery. now, if you folks will excuse me, i had wanted to end this post with some sort of witty statement to tie everything together, but my roommate is playing my heart will go on and the devil compels me to sing along. and that, folks, is the trash...


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