February 29, 2004

Brain Stew

this past week, it seems if i wasn't walking in the rain, then i was working in the lab, putting off studying, or wondering what the hell was wrong with me. this isn't a self-deprecating cry for help, but rather, honest-to-god concern for my own mental state. i spent most of the week slow, disoriented, and with a mild headache and i have no explanation as to why. i have some theories, though none seem terribly well supported (or possible!). they are: 1 - i have multiple personalities and one of them sniffs glue. 2 - i have a brain tumor. 3 - i am suffering from some sort of malnutrition/allergic reaction/ psychological breakdown. i have no other way to account for my actions as of late - forgetting when the classes i've been attending for the past 7 weeks are, forgetting what day it is, inability to concentrate. i haven't yet decided whether to be terribly concerned or optimistic. i want my brain back. the buzzword this week is: unsettled.


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