February 21, 2004

Bipolarity, Bio, and Ballet, Kin and Tracking

the last few days have left me feeling thoroughly content. first and foremost, immney is happy. this is no small feat for kim, she has lived though more hellish experiences than i care to list here. suffice it to say, she is not at the moment depressed. for one who has been in debt, without a job, in a miserable apartment for so long with bad dreams and self-induced scars, she has certainly pulled her life around. i am so proud of her. she's living in a nice apartment, working at a full time job, paying off her debts. she's got a kitty and is getting a car and it seems relations with her parents have improved. she has also stopped cutting herself, which is a joy. my only concern is that she has stopped taking her meds, but, although she can't afford them, she is so happy that it matters little, at least just now. knowing she is doing well, it is as if a huge weight is off me. i can stop worrying so hard for a while.

i got to talk to my mommy the other day. i miss her so. it was so nice hanging out in the hall just chatting on the phone with her about any and all things. , gettin' homesick.

i finally tracked down the guy who is making my necklace. i was thrilled to see that the stone he cut looks almost like the one i used to have - it's slightly smaller and slightly flawed, but it still is my pretty little charm. he told me he would set it within the next three days so i have to make one last trip down to santa monica to get it. finding his apartment was an endeavor. getting ahold of him at all was an endeavor. he has no phone and got sick and stopped showing up at jurassic, the store where i first got in contact with him, so it was as if he had suddenly dropped off the face of the earth. i'd been stressing about getting my stone for some time, i was going to jurassic every couple of weeks and harassing them for information. late last night lying in bed i had an epiphany - i remember brian had given me his card and that that card had an address on it. somewhere on 2nd street in santa monica. so today kat and i went down there to hunt him down. i was worried that the address might not be his own, but might instead be jurassic. we got there and wandered up and down the street and one minute it would look as if we were close, the next it appeared that the address would in fact be the store, the next it seemed we had found him. but then we discovered that our quarry lived in an apartment building and his card lacked any indication of his apartment number. also absent was his last name. it appeared as if we were stymied again, when the manager directed us to the one "brian" in the building he was aware of. at first i did not recognize the man and was worried i had been defeated, when i noticed his many silver rings...the indication of a metalworker, so i asked him about the stone, and sure enough, he was the right man! victory was mine! so now, my cognitive mapping has plotted the location of his domicile and he shall not escape again, the crazy incense-burning pothead (but overall nice guy)!

i also got my lab position. i'll be working with a grad student purifying an enzyme used in pcr reactions (don't get me started on pcr reactions). i met with my grad student right before the trip and ended up walking around santa monica with the protocol for this procedure in my pocket. hehehe, geeky. i start monday and i hope that i don't fuck anything up. my first task: bacteria cultures! (the bacteria make the enzyme.) whooo!

the final major contributor to my joy is the ballet. i went to the ballet tonight with jeff. i loved it so hard. it was great, they danced as if jerked around on giant strings by an unsteady puppeteer, they went shoeless on stage, dancing in their bare feet, and the music was an eclectic collection ranging from organ music to the velvet underground. it was all totally unconventional - boys lifted girls, girls lifted boys, boys lifted boys, women embraced, the dancers were dressed in their underwear, slips, shirtsleeves, and pajamas, and there was enough writhing and groping to keep anyone entertained. at one point they danced to a reading of the raven by edgar allan poe! i dug it so hard.

so, all-in-all it's been a great week. yay!


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